My 9th Birthday…

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t done any blog posts recently it’s because I have been too busy planning my birthday party which was on Saturday. My actual birthday was on Friday, I woke up about an hour before my dad’s alarm went off and I had to wait for everyone else to wake up! We ran downstairs and there was a pile of presents waiting for me. I got some really cool presents, I got a lipstick maker, dazzling dancers sequin art, a fairy colouring book, a sweater, lots of money and gift cards, books and I got a pair of Adidas Superstars which have really cool gold stripes. My favourite present of all was a Gul bodyboard. I am so excited to test it out next time we go to the beach.
I had to go to school on my actual birthday but I took bags of Skittles for all of my friends. When I came home my Mummy and Daddy had put up lots of decorations like bunting and balloons. Soon all my family started to arrive. I showed everyone my presents and surprisingly got presents from them too I got a hair crimper, a New York Yankies cap and lots more money! I am going to go on a huge shopping trip with my Mummy, I think I will spend it on clothes and JoJo Bows and accessories from Claires.
For my birthday party Mummy and Daddy took me and my sister Hallie and eleven of my friends to the Cinema to see “Sing”. We had popcorn and treats. The film was amazing, everyone loved it, we had so much fun! My favourite song in the film was when Meena the Elephant sang Hallelujah. My favourite part was when Rosita the Pig sang Shake it Off it was so funny especially when all the little pigs were laughing! My favourite character was Johnny the Gorilla because he played the piano like me. It was a bit sad because his Dad wanted him to become a robber but he just wanted to sing and when his Dad was proud at the end I almost cried.
After the cinema we all went to Frankie and Benny’s for Dinner I had a Little Miss Princess Cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. I got lots more presents too, like a cool disco light for my room, bath stuff, a Nerf gun, books and lots of craft stuff which i love.
My mummy made cool party bags for everyone which were popcorn boxes filled with treats!
I had a great birthday and got lots of amazing presents! What a great weekend!

The best bit is that I get to do it all again next weekend for my sister Hallie’s birthday as she is having the exact same birthday party as me!

Winter Wonderland

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all had a great Christmas and got everything you wanted!

I’ve just got to tell you about my fab day at Winter Wonderland.
It was at Event City which is near the Trafford Centre in Manchester.
It is the UK’s largest indoor Christmas theme park.
I went with my Mum, my Dad and my little sister Hallie, we also met our friends from school which made it even more cool.
Inside the theme park there was a mini circus and we managed to get seats on the front row. We watched it whilst eating pop corn and candy floss.
The acts included unicyclist, an acrobat who did tricks in the air whilst swinging on a hoolahoop, a juggler on a segway, a circus illusionist and an extremely funny clown.
My most favourite act was the illusionist, it was really amazing the way the assistant got into a metal box and there was
huge metal nails pushed into it and the lady completely disappeared. My mum and dad couldn’t even guess how they did it!!!
After the circus we got to go on all of the rides. My favourite ones were the funhouse, the dodgems, the super bob and the runaway train.
Then we ate hotdogs whilst watching the Cinderella panto. The panto was good the funniest part was when the ugly sisters sprayed the crowd with water pistols.
We all had so much fun, it really was a great day out, even the dads loved it!! (Check out the photo of them in the funhouse).
I hope you enjoy looking at some pictures from the day.
It was busy but we didn’t have to queue for the rides for more than a few minutes!
I really would recommend a visit next year if you are under the age of 12 as we had lots of fun and i’m sure the Mums and Dads did too!

Back soon with more blog posts!


Hannah  xxxxx

My very first post….


So excited to start my new blog so I decided to do a book review on the book I just finished. This book is really old, like 50 years old I would guess . Well it did belong to my Granddad, (and he is OLD but don’t tell him I said that!!)

My book is called The Valley of Adventure, you could probably buy it in any bookshop with a good children’s section. It was written by Enid Blyton.



It’s the best book ever… you just need to read it!!

The story is about the adventures of four children and their friend Bill. I don’t want to say too much as I will spoil it for you. The children get mixed up with some dangerous criminals who want to steal treasure. The story is about the children and how they escape from the two nasty criminals and how they solve the mystery getting the men caught at the end. There are lots of exiting adventures along the way. My favourite part was when the girls in the story discover a beautiful waterfall and find a secret passage hidden behind it!

There are 7 books in this series:

The Island of Adventure

The Castle of Adventure

The Valley of Adventure

The Sea of Adventure

The Mountain of Adventure

The Circus of Adventure

The River of Adventure

I somehow managed to read The Valley of Adventure first which is the wrong order really but I don’t think it really mattered!

I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. This is a must read!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Hannah xxx